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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Claimed fe benefit for current deac is up to 20%. Since this would cut down internal friction and whatnot my WAG places potential improvements at 10 to 25%??? 30? It'll be something but it won't be like WOW my fe doubled.
This, and the "no 100%" throttle mod that will accompany it, I'm hoping will yield about 20%. 25% is probably pushing it.

The throttle mod is going to have to be there, though, because we both know I'll be putting the go-pedal through the floor the way this thing is going to run.

If it runs, but doesn't quite make enough power to hold 45 through my paths, I'll see about putting a small turbo on it or finding another way to increase the power output slightly. Or, I'll eventually scrap the idea and put a diff engine in it. It needs body work, so I don't mind playing with it for now.
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