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24.27 lbs per gallon Co2
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I drive a 12 year old Ford that is utterly worthless. It drives, that is all it does. Cars simply don't last that long, unless they are summer only cars.

If you don't drive it in the salt, keep it clean, and keep an eye on things, I'm sure the Wheego will last 20 years or more. Otherwise, it will probably fall apart in 15 years just like any other car

Was that black WheeGo at the Electric Auto Association meeting this new model? I looked at the plates on it and I didn't think they were NEV plates, but then I don't see alot of those plates.
My civic VX was parked right next to it so it was hard to miss.
NEVs get standard passenger car plates in Minnesota. The car in question is the prototype running the Discover CG8 gel pack. It is the same car I drove on the freeway. The owner put a full belly pan on it ^.^

Ryland, did we meet? I'm the skinny blond guy who looks like he's 12 years old. I drove a Miles ZX40 to the meeting.


Hehehe... If one of your facial lacerations leaves a small scar, you'll have a SCarlett.
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