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How 'bout a frame mounted in the front of the bed coming up to the height of the cab, and hinge the topper at the front, at the top of that frame? You'd need to latch it down to the tailgate in the back but that doesn't sound like much trouble--a couple/few pins in the tailgate so when the tailgate closed, the pins would go into holes in the topper.

To load the bed, open the tailgate, lift the topper (gas spring assist?) slide the tall stuff to the front of the bed, lower the topper, close the tailgate. For really big loads, leave the topper up as high as needed and tie it down to cover the load. If you have a load that's higher than the top of the cab (it happened about once a year when I had a pickup) then take off the topper at the hinge pins. Seems to me it would be pretty practical.
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