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Originally Posted by Oval_Overload View Post
What can I say? California likes old cars.
So true! We have no snow, no road salt, and very little rust where I live. I just got a letter from a towing company in San Jose, "come get your car". I had sold a '94 Thunderbird a few years ago and someone kept buying tags until they needed my drivers license number for the smog test.

So they kept it in storage since they had no ID - $540. worth. If someone wants another old car - they can have the T-bird! Pay the storage and it's yours.

My brother has a Smart, and it is nearly impossible for me to get into because of the rounded doors. Almost identical rounded door bottoms as the Wheego.

I am one Californian that wants something newer that I can get parts for easily, but old Fords make the move so hard by being so easy to use.
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