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Originally Posted by diesel_john View Post
then run a half tank thur. to tweak the cal. to individual driver and car.
That's the rub there, hopefully the individual will be a variable as (s)he gets better technique. A fair number of details to sort out also, but we should keep it on the table and if anyone runs with it then cool! Also it could be deduced with the MAP/RPM/Air intake temp sensors and a guess at the VE and displacement of the engine, though might be even more to figure out down that path

Having gotten a closer look at all these cheap and tiny computers, I'm starting to think the "fill a little cup, let it empty into the carburetors, and fill it again, and count how many times you've filled it" approach is really viable, accurate at low flows (just not instantaneous), and possibly cheap, especially if you repurpose (drill out) an injector from the boneyard or other common fuel valve/solenoid.
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