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Mojave Airport

Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Hello -

Ok, I visited it with my friend yesterday. It looks like anyone can use the lake bed and there are no racing/safety requirements like the SCTA has.

The visitor center closes at 4:30 PM. We got there around 4 PM and they didn't charge us because we were only on a scouting mission. Besides, the lake bed was closed because it is still wet/muddy from the recent Southern California rains. Here is more info :

El Mirage OHV Recreation Area, Barstow Field Office, Bureau of Land Management California

Based on what I am seeing this would be perfect for aeromod testing when these conditions are met :

1 - Non windy (consult for Barstow and cross your fingers it doesn't change)
2 - Not-too-many-other-people day (aka weekday?)
3 - Not-a-special-event-day (mostly weekends)

Driving notes: I haven't driven up a real hill in my car in a long time. I had to downshift from 5th to 4th gear for a few stretches because my 5th gear + hot-air-intake was making me powerless, and my grill block was heating my coolant up more than I like (in still-chilly weather). If/when I go again, I think I will remove the HAI and grill block for the uphill portion of the trip and restore them for the downhill.

Carlo,you'll also kinda be near Mojave,north of Landcaster,Rosamond.
The Rutan Bros. Scaled Composites is their and they use the airport runways or taxiways for aero testing.You might want to drop by and see if they might share info about their setup.I hope to do so when/if I get back that way.
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