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Oh, not that it means much for FE, but I also plan on replacing all the bushings with Urethane as they wear out. I prefer the stiffer feedback of urethane bushings over rubber ones.

EDIT - When considering lowering the vehicle, I had neglected something - Body mounts.

I can replace them with thinner versions of themselves to lower the body over the frame without losing suspension travel. I don't think I can get 2" out of it, but I might be able to get a good inch.

Doing this will probably bring the bed's upper limit higher on the back of the cab, too, since the bed doesn't have rubber mounts on it. I'll either have to live with that, or possibly find a way to lower the bed on the frame as well, so the body lines match up again. (Yes, that's important.)

If not this, I'm just going to replace the body mounts with urethane and lower the suspension a little.
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