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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
What makes you think that an engine mated to an auto will be in any better shape than one mated to a manual?
over ten years of real world experience says so. .

long term the automatics are just always in better shape. they are more, ... regulated? buffered? they dont heat up as fast, they cool down slower many times. its just something that, myself, and two of my senior mentors agree on. over the years, you just always see the worse off engines on sicks.. and a little bit better on autos. the engine doesnt get jerked around as much. a PRIME example - on timing belt life ... mitsubishi, honda, nissan, (even kia trash) the standard will ALWAYS break its belt WAY way WAY sooner than the automatic ! ! always ! its direct - transfer of power, and jerking motions, that wheel that takes a sudden stop on a big speedbump or curb, .. the automatic is a buffer. . and the timing belt isnt the ONLY thing that will break sooner mated up to an auto vs a stick .
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