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What's up everybody!

Hey, Im Nick. With college coming up along with longer daily drives, ive decided to take the plunge. Heres a backround on the cars ive owned- 1. 1994 geo tracker which was passed down from my brother, to my sister, to me...It had NO A/C, and I sweat alot, sold it after 3 months. -24 mpg average.
2. 1979 El Camino-267 carbed v8, cool, slow, impractical. had A/C.-18 mpg.

3. 1997 Dodge ram-5.9l FI, sold due to rough shape. -13mpg

4. 1973 VW Thing-2.2l stroked, bored, cammed. BAD A$$, sold because it wouldn't start in the cold (NO CHOKES AGHH).-15 mpg
5. 2001 Oldsmobile intrigue- possibly the best car ever! Comfy, fast-215hp-235 tourque, epa 19/29 mpg, but i beat it to death and averaged 21 mpg and it landed me a 97mph in a 55 zone ticket, I rode the bus to school for a year.

6. 1996 Slaab 900s-I HATED THIS CAR! Traded the olds with my brother so he could have a baby seat. This car was a lemon, After a $1500 stereo system, $1,000 in paint touch up, and other little things it was a nice car....Until I threw a rod..$4500! I sold it to my dad for his daily driver. Then I mowed lawns and sold pizzas to buy my next car cash.

7. 2003 Dodge ram-HEMI 5.7l-345hp-what a fun truck, chicks loved it. It was immaculate! Sold it and drove the saab AGAIN!!!!!-10.5mpg on premium.

8. (CURRENT)-2004 ford focus zx3-After I hit a deer and totalled my Slaab (thank god), I decided that a 4 cyl and a 5 speed was the way to go. Now I just want to mod the car alittle so I can average 40mpg when Im not driving fast, which I have a history of doing.

I hope that I can rid myself of my bad driving habits, but its so tempting to squeal my tires around the turns on the country roads I drive to school and work on. Trust me, this road is like a race course..It is sooo much fun, I may post a video of me taking the keaneu reeves speed challenge on it. They call it that because you try to go down this 5 mile long stretch of corners without going below 55mph. I did it at 63 mph in the hemi ram once to prove to somebody in a wrx that I could beat them on any stretch of road. He chose that road. What an idiot, I won and my girlfriend broke up with me because of it.

Anyway. Thats my story.

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