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Originally Posted by moonmonkey View Post
if you are not using the alternators for regen then they would be a net loss for you, you get less energy out of any device,machine than you put into it. if you want to extend the range of an electric car by making electricity to recharge a battery, then a generator making electricity running a battery charger would not over charge anything ,the battery charger would regulate that. plus all the extra weight of alternators would be hard to justify and probably reduce your range.
ok im at a lose.....i worded wrong or im just not getting alts are for power to batt's only ... if the batt's don't have constant charge they drain rt? the alts r to keep the batteries charged...i.e. the pic....just on a hypothesis ...this seems as a simple remedy for power lose(due to battery power drain).... the weight would seem to matter in my thinking ...because each vehicle type can range from 100-/+ to 1000-/+ USING THE SAME MOTOR (ELECTRIC ) in general weight ...not the motor of (weight )....but in general the system would work like a regular gas car .....welll the alternator part of it...keeping the battery charged
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