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Originally Posted by shovel View Post
My employer is MTX Audio, we have a pair of Escalades each with two of our Jackhammer woofers installed and 12+ kW of amplifier power driving them. The older Escalade has six, 400A Powermaster alternators installed in it like this:

But that's a show vehicle, designed to exhibit a product... efficiency is irrelevant (though the 22" Jackhammer is an efficient sub at 97dB@1W/1m)

I think overall using an engine to run 12v alternators to charge individual 12v cells in a higher voltage traction battery isn't going to be anywhere close to efficient.
#1-- sweet ride
#2 im not trying to get my subs bumping and booming along with the tvs and Nintendo
#3 they consume alot more ....i need battery power
#4 efficient!!!! is not the issue(as in the main motor(the second motor is a different issue)..... its can it work ...
#5 now that i think about it...can that work in your system...with out having it using your main motor and having a separate system ?
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