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I like those photos.
I got to see somethnig like it more than once as a kid in the 80s truckdriving with my dad to the container ships, the auto ships were not far away. Big port for many machines. they used to move alot of them with drivers in big parking lots.
I specifically remember hundreds of subarus, of the 1980s kind, every time I see these photos. It was fun watching the mass movement to thier spots. CB was buzzing for some reason...those cars did something snappy/funny even back then. maybe it was the cannonball movie, setting the conversatons laughing, do not know.

knowing mint condition for any of those models is climbing to 3700 dollars...better than a stock market to hang onto a dozen or so...

imagine owning just ten dual range carbed...I give it 5k in a short time now, more than ever...
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