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Originally Posted by Wantingtomod
#4 efficient!!!! is not the issue(as in the main motor(the second motor is a different issue)..... its can it work ...
#5 now that i think about it...can that work in your system...with out having it using your main motor and having a separate system ?
Efficient is not the issue? I guess then I don't understand what end result you are looking for. Are you trying to make a gasoline powered charger for an electric car? Efficient matters at both ends, doesn't it?

We could have a 2nd gasoline engine run the alternators, sure... or a thousand treadmills, or a windmill, the alternators don't care what is spinning them or where it's located...

If you are trying to charge a series bank of batteries by using multiple 12v alternators, I think you'll find that it won't work just as straightforward as that because all the alternators will want to have a common ground, which will short your series batteries.

Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
12kW at 13.8V is 870A. That's going to require some awfully large cables, terminals, and fuses.
Indeed, and we're more than happy to sell those too

Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
Why don't high-end audio systems go high-voltage? The same 12kW load at 120V is only 100A, a much more manageable current.
We do have several patents for 36v and 48v amplifiers, they're actually a lot easier to build because in a 12v amplifier rated higher than about 20 watts per channel it's necessary to build a DC-DC power supply that increases rail voltage to the output transistors... on a vehicle with 48v on tap you would just need noise filters to feed the rails straight off the power cable up to ~250 watts @ 4 ohms.

As it is, we have to manufacture what will actually sell to everyday people - 99.99% of whom drive 12v cars. It's a struggle to convince them that large amplifiers demand large power cables and often an alternator upgrade (what? you mean my stock 93 ford escort alternator doesn't have the reserve capacity for 2500 watts worth of amplifier?).. so, 12v is what it is.
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