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I started to make a plywood adapter plate for the transmission today using the handy-dandy adapter plate that was already between the motor and trans. I got all the mounting holes drilled for the transmission, but when I moved on to attack the electric motor part I ran into a problem. I cleaned up the grease a bit, but there is still a bunch in between the fins around the shaft side of the motor. I wanted to get it out of there and clean up the innards of the motor, but I could not get the freaking thing out! I have another motor very similar to this, and when I remove the bolts on the shaft side, I can just pop it right out of there. I tried prying to the point where I was afraid of bending the aluminum (I got one big pop in the right direction, but then it moved no farther) and I tried using a punch to whack the other end of the "center spinny part" of the motor where there is a hole in the aluminum endcap. No dice. Wish I could get pics, but not today. It's an ADC a89-4001 6.7" series wound motor...pretty much all advanced dc motors look (black middle and aluminum end caps) and probably act the same. Any ideas? I already feel I was a bit rough with the pounding considering what sometimes happens to refrigerator magnets when dropped...

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