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MAF sensor life

What are you guy's experience with mass airflow sensors? My Matrix is the first vehicle that I have owned with a maf sensor. This winter, on a very cold day, it started real rough and threw the check engine light on. It ran fine once warmed up I pulled the code with my scangauge and it said it was a maf sensor malfunction. I let it go knowing that the car uses the maf sensor literally around 2% of your driving time as its in closed loop 98% of the time. The check engine light went out later that day or so. This same thing happened about three times during winter and hasn't happened in the last two months. I did clean the sensor with cleaner after the first time it happened and that seemed to help a little. But, it came back on a few weeks later. So, I don't think its that. My question is, do maf sensors wear out (I didn't think they did)? If I'm looking to replace it should I get a salvage yard sensor, or a new one?

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