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Originally Posted by shovel View Post
Efficient is not the issue? I guess then I don't understand what end result you are looking for. Are you trying to make a gasoline powered charger for an electric car? Efficient matters at both ends, doesn't it?

We could have a 2nd gasoline engine run the alternators, sure... or a thousand treadmills, or a windmill, the alternators don't care what is spinning them or where it's located...

If you are trying to charge a series bank of batteries by using multiple 12v alternators, I think you'll find that it won't work just as straightforward as that because all the alternators will want to have a common ground, which will short your series batteries.

Efficient is the issue....but not for the main engine(thats more than this thread can handle)

A gas car keeps a battery going a......

excuse me for my leap into the unknown but with a timed circuit of sort,cant you do what a car does with out shorting out the series ...' from my understanding the alternator keeps the battery at about 13+ volt' to keep it at proper level for longevity .... maybe im just beating a dead not the brightest rock tossed into the with a circuit it seems like that would stop the problem of shorting.

i.e. ...
a home generator can accept multiple sources of power at once .....wind,sun,electric company and more...and it knows how to handle it....all in one process i just passes the correct energy to the work load or to the batteries (that are series wired i believe )and why car audio people dont have it yet i dont people from my dayz r alwys adding more batterries and alternatorsinstead of just putting in a 5 lb invertor,industy brushes and getting more than enuff power for the show off..not trying to side track but i know u can put a a regular sound system in a car and show off you sounds.....but in thought of using alternators......there has to be a way....for real world use.
dont get me wrong...please....but if u have a way to power your audio.....why not ..... omy is the turning into a audio/video mod talk
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