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Originally Posted by TomO View Post
Thanks for the info Casey!

There is something similar that some people use, but we call it Seafoaming the engine.

Just a clarification for Honda owners; don't disconnect the vacuum line running to your fuel pressure regulator, doing so will bring up fuel pressure to that of WOT (Wide Open Throttle) and dump too much gasoline into your motor along with the seafoam.

The recommended way to do it (if you don't have a spray bottle to use to spray the seafoam into the Throttle body) is to use the large vacuum line running to the brake booster.

The way that I do it for my VX:
1) Remove the rubber arm from the airbox to the throttle body

2) Put seafoam (or GM Top Engine cleaner, from the dealership) into a spray bottle

3) runn motor up to operating temp and spray the cleaner into the throttle body/intake area until the full can is gone (pushing on the throttle as needed to keep the motor running during the process)

4) shut off motor and let sit for at least 15 minutes or more like 30-60 minutes

5) start up motor and fog for mosquitos for the next 5-10 minutes

6) change oil and enjoy the smoother running engine.

I do it similar to this with a few differences
OUr mercedes and my el camino have upwards facing air intakes Fuel injected and carbed

1. I take off the air cleaner and slowly pour it straight down the intake manifold using a little throttle to keep it running till i've put half the can in the intake. Turn the car off put the other half in the cranckcase.

2. leave it to sit for 15 minutes.

3. Start it up let it run for about 5 minutes. Rev it a bit to make sure the car stops smoking AS much

4. Take it on a briisk drive to get ALL the gunk out of the system

5.Then Do the oil change

Works pretty well for me with all the cars i've done it on Well worth the price

(No actual EPA numbers for car just used F/E numbers when i first got it)
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