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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Once again, I pee into the wind. OK

Well if you're going to be peeing into the wind might I suggest an umbrella that can withstand 70 mph wind.

Senz Umbrellas | the storm umbrella | windproof up to wind force 10 - Home

Maybe this video would be better suited to this board. Watch at the 1 minute and 47 second mark.

Did I just derail my own thread?

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Either configuration can be made suitable.
I hear you. But, I want to have the riders sit in an upright position, like in a golf cart. This would put the center of gravity pretty high which would ad to a short wheel base delta configuration's instability. Do you know of a way to make a short wheel base delta configuration with a high center of gravity more stable? My solution was to put anti-roll over outrigger skids or wheels, but that doesn't seem to do it.

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