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Originally Posted by metroschultz View Post
for a 1996 Cav. 2.2...
Thanks much, Schultz. That cruise signal sounds nicer than the a/c VSS. I wonder if it is on as many cars as the VSS... Do you know if the VSS is a/c on all cars?

<brainstorming> Why a/c? Why wouldn't they just use a sensor on a cog, like the ABS system? Could we tap into the ABS signal? What percentage of cars have ABS vs. cruise signal vs. VSS? The most common signal may be the one to use for highest compatibility </brainstorming>

@Coyote X. From what I've read about Zener diodes, one of their features is they can handle high negative voltages which would burn out a regular diode. So it seems a Zener should still give us a good, countable signal from a/c VSS signals, and also from dc pulse signals. Is this correct?
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