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RC time constant:

You need about 5 RC time constants for the capacitors to be 0.99 full. Well, to be (1 - exp(-5)) full.. hehe.

So, capacitance*Resistance is 1 time constant. The capacitance is around 820uF each:

5*820uF*16*ResistorSize = time in seconds.


I designed the power pcb section for the SR controller, and did most of it in GCode, but there's a tiny bit left. I'm going to redo the control board for SR to use 2 drivers for mosfets, and 2 for freewheel mosfets. There's not much to add. I'm waiting on my tax returns to get the pcb done.

It's also going to have CAN, and interface with the bms if there is a bms to interface with.
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