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using the multiple alternators with a secondary source is a bad idea

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Are you trying to use an electric motor to power a bunch of alternators?

I hope not...

If you're using a gas motor, sure, it can be done, but it won't really get you anywhere, other than using another engine to power your alternators, leaving your original engine free of that load.

Not sure why you'd want to do that, though.

If you're thinking about a way to use alternators at higher load (so they're more efficient), you can just do that with a kill switch on the alt field. No need for anything else to be done. When your battery gets down to about 65% charge, you charge it back up to 85% charge, then repeat.

Other than those things, I'm not entirely sure that even you know what you're trying to do, unless you're just really having a problem with getting the words out correctly so that we all understand it. I mean no offense, it just seems like you're not totally sure what you want here.
ok after thinking a couple days and reading some more....i finally took time to completely read stuff at battery university Welcome to Battery University they explain about all types of the batteries(i am quite sure u already know that stuff)...and now i got a better under standing how they work.. ...the using the multiple alternators with a secondary source is a bad ideal...from what got from it ...u better be a chemist or could just lose everything!!!!. battery maintenance is something we should due even in are gas guzzles.(i got that from just the basic batteries and recharging part)i never knew that,i just replaced it every 3 to 4 years or so.i thought it was just because it was a cheap used battery.

so without giving up hope ...

-maybe possible a timed battery pack switch to change out 2 or 3 batts when they get to a certain level like you mentioned b4
----could be bad because of extra weight...not efficient...
i think of the extra weight as most peoples average car weight.
---also if you gained or lose 20 lbs(personal body weight) this month and now your mileage is better or worse most don't add into there is weight rt ?
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