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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
3 - It's not an agenda, so much as disgust. How about you go buy some 60/40 hamburger meat, and pay $3.00 per pound for it? Nah, you wouldn't want to do that, because you can get 80/20, which has more substance, meat, nutrition, etc... for the same price, right? I bet you'd be kinda pissed if the FDA/USDA said there was too much fat leftovers from food processing, and mandated that all beef products must be produced with at least 40% fat by 2012... but you're still going to pay the same price for it, including upcoming inflation.
Wha? I kinda figure the cost my station pays for its fuel is a part of the cost i pay for my fuel so I'm not overpaying for it, especially considering how much of it is tax anyway. I can go down to the 76 racing fuel shop and buy 100% gasoline if I want to spend $5.50/gallon or I can buy E10 at any pump in town, my cars run awesome on it and it's $2.69 or so, or I can buy E85 at the fuel depot downtown (it's not widely available in Phx unfortunately) for $2.39 and get about 5-10% fewer miles per gallon which is cool since it's 11% less money per gallon. And my cars run super awesome on it!

Or I can go to the CNG station and cram natural gas into my Tempo for $1.97/GGE and drive around with about 40 horsepower... good enough for getting from A-B
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