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tigra AERO - '96 opel tigra
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tigra AERO PROJECT rear end question

I am estimating of modify my car like in the first photo, but I have some doubts.

In middle pic, you can see the upper vision of my car.
The rear window and the back end of car they have a particular shape and, I assume an air flow like red and blue, that I have marked.

Differents angles of two flow in the rear end Is it a possible source of drag?
Can I resolve this problem?

Similar rear end one has it the Bristol Fighter :

but in this car, the two flow : from the flanks and from the rear windows has a minor angle difference .
On original tigra, the uper flanks has angled up by 6, and roof-spoiler angle is 15, but the real airflow from central car line minor of 15 because, the rear spoliler deviate upper the flow, consequently, I do not have a total by 21 (6+15), of angled flow (cause of cross vortex), but a minor value.
If I create new shape like the first photo, I can put the central flow at 15, optimum for lowest drag, I go to increase the actuale cross vortex and I create more drag (I think).

have you, of the councils give to me?

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