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electric motorcycle

hi erveryone im interested in building a electric bike but i would want a range of atleast 50miles minimum.
and 60mph top speed
heres my shopping list so far
perm motor kit from Welcome To Electric Motorsport
this is what comes in the kit.

perm pmg132 motor.
alltrax axe 7245 controller.
White Roggers (600 amp peak) contactor.
Bussman Fuse block and fuse.
10' 6GA Welding cable.
Tinned copper Terminal Lugs.
Shrink tube.

now im going to run the motor at 72 volts and im hopeing to get a lipoe4 battery pack but what amp rating should i get?is 72v 20ah sufficient enough for the motor?
ive also looked into buying a PGS 120 Permanent magnet Synchronous Generator to help power the motor and to increase the range.
Has any one built a emotorbike with a Generator?
if so what sort of problems have you encountered?
any help would be much appreciated.

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