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Alright, well I was just able to order the Seeeduino Mega last night. Figured it has a few more pins then the Arduino Mega, and it's cheaper. So I have a start, although a late one.

jonoxer - That's a great link idea, but I'm not sure how much good it'll actually be. It says it's based off of OBD-II, while the MPGuino is generally used on pre-OBD-II cars.

To explain what these folks did for the average working Joe, who can't quite afford a car newer than 1995, is just amazing. It still works for just about any car with fuel injection, but for cars built before 1996, there is no OBD-II option.
That's on the workspace thingy. I'm not trying to be a douche or anything, so I apologize for that, I guess we can at least use ideas like coolant monitoring.

Which my car's coolant gauge isn't working right anyways, so that could be of benefit.

UK Mini - Great ideas!
On Honda's pre-1990, I'm pretty sure most of them don't have electric speedometers, which would make things difficult. I suppose you could just do some coding so the mega does the calculations based off of speed and time, but things like spinning tires or locking your brakes (my car doesn't have abs, or alb) could throw that off a bit. Not enough to really matter, but it could make a difference if you're trying to get good readings in snow (Unlikely, yes, but who knows the circumstances).

So far I'm thinking I'll be buying some of the analog temp sensors *I cannot remember their names right now, but they're two wires with a blob of something in-between them. They remind me of ceramic capacitors* so I can do misc stuff like outside air temp, engine bay air temp, intake air temp, and exhaust air temp. I'm still tempted to make a bar graph readout for g-forces and stuff though too, but I'll get to that after I can buy the screens and stuff.

There is a chance I might be ending my participation with this on account of my transmission is going out. I'm not too pleased, but I'm gonna keep driving my car for as long as I can. I like it too much to get rid of it right now.

Another thing I'm going to hopefully get hooked up is going to be a kmh to mph switch for the speed. I'm hopefully going to Canada soon, and being able to push a button and switch from my speed to theirs without having to do loads of mental calculations or even squinting at the little orange digits on my stock speedo (providing it actually worked!) would be incredibly awesome. Something like this would just require a switch to tell the 'duino to switch from one calculation value to another, right?

Since I drive an auto, it would be awesome to figure out how to replace the TCU with a custom one that shifts at different times, or with the paddle switch idea, but that would be incredibly difficult, and vehicle specific, and would probably at most span one make of vehicles. Although there are a lot of Honda's out there, just the difficulty of it wouldn't be pretty.

But yeah. Massive post aside, Things will be getting somewhere! Hopefully. There is always that damned if part.
I suck at coding! Woo!

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