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Can't help thinking that a 2000-2002 VW Polo TDi would be this exact car. To illustrate:

Weight - the 2001 was based on the early 90s Polo so no super heavy/safety carp.

Engine - 3cyl TDI (PD) engine, 1.4 litre and about 70hp.

The combination I think is a sweet-spot in Diesel small hatchback design. Kind of matched but not beat in any way by the Bluemotion.

Full disclosure - I had a Polo TDi a few years ago and it was excellent for FE. But I wanted more power so I went Peugeot 206 (2.0 HDi) and then my current Fabia.

EDIT : Some people have put a full VTEC Honda into an original Mini (not MINI) so I suspect a Diesel would be OK.
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