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The Acabion certainly does appear to be Suzuki Hayabusa parts grafted onto a sailplane fuselage, being hawked by a charlatan. Still, his Cd*A figure seems about right based on the photos: 0.19*5ft².

The Peraves EcoMobile has been superceded by the Monotracer. Most of the info on either vehicle is in German, including . Neither vehicle exceeds the fuel economy of the Honda Insight, and both are absurdly overpowered, with >100HP in a <0.5ton vehicle.

So it looks like, as always, if you want the ultimate efficiency, you have to do it yourself: 214 mpg with DIY aerodynamic fairings on a Honda 125cc motorbike | Hypermiling, Fuel Economy, and EcoModding News -

I believe a motorized version of this streamlined HPV (my CdA estimate: < 0.67ft²!) would provide better fuel economy than anything else you could build.

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