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Topic: learn to solder: Electronic Kits offers a kit called "learn to solder" kit # AK-100, $19.95. soldering will be discussed here, but it is only one part of the required knowledge you want.
Topic: Static electricity: Integrated circuits (dead bugs) especially CMOS IC's, are susceptable to static elecricity. This may not come as news to you. CMOS IC's are identified by part #'s starting with "MC14xxxB" or "CD4xxxB", or similar. But there is a safer path: parts suppliers ship their parts in static-safe bags. Therefor, keep all parts in the bag they come in. DON'T open the bags. Only open the bag the minute before you will install that part. The second reason is that moisture in the air, or oxygen, cause a very slow corrosion of part leads. Therefor keep the bags sealed as shipped. When you remove partial contents, reseal the bag--as best as is easy. Static-free bags are identified by the slight tint or color-any color. Keep some of these bags. You will want to place any PCB with ANY parts on it, into one of these bags, between work sessions, or when the board is built-that is, up to the minute the board is installed!
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