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I tried lead free solder once, and I thought it was a little harder. I knew almost nothing about soldering at the time, though. I think williamson is just saying that if someone is going to make a little control board for this motor controller (one time solder thing), it might be a little easier to use lead solder instead of lead free, and the one time use of lead solder will almost certainly not have any negative health consequences. At least that's how I'm thinking about it.

Lots of people that have ordered the control board from me have had no soldering experience whatsoever, and have no interest in continuing to solder after the controller is done. They just want to get their car on the road without paying $2000 for a freeway capable controller.

However, I'm going to go out and get some lead free solder and give it another try. I don't want to do any behavior that causes a statistical increase in health problems over the long term.
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