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Thanks for the response Ryland. When the car quit charging the first thing I did was check the cables and all related wiring. I cleaned things up quite a bit. When that didn't help, I swapped in a alternator from my parts car. The red light went out and I thought I had it whipped. My wife was not amused when she borrowed it and it went dead on her!

I bought a new battery ( it needed it) and drove it home. It was not charging, but at least the light was out. Then I took the original alternator to the parts house and had it checked, it checked out o.k.

I was puzzled. The chiltons had a " diagram" with reference to a alternator control unit. The local honda guy had told me that the hf had the ability to not charge when it was under load, in order to conserve gas.

In desperation I replaced the original alternator this evening and put out 14.23 volts.

I think this car just likes to have me crawl underneath and scratch it's belly.

Thanks for the response,

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