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Originally Posted by williamson View Post
jBecause of the higher temperature he points out, you can see that you really need the temperature controlled iron I recommended for lead-free work.
I have the same Weller WP25 in my field kit that has been bouncing in there for years. The tip is 750 degF, which comes out to about 400 degC. Again, it is about being a bit more clean and precise and smart about heat management.

If this one takes a walk and I run out again (which is how this one got in my kit), I'd probably pick up the WP35, which is 100 degF (about 50 degC) hotter. Not so much because of lead free, but because I inevitably end up soldering heavier wires together, not just board work, and the WP25 is underpowered for doing that quickly regardless of the solder.

For bench board work, you want an adjustable iron regardless, really two - for even basic repairs. It's now a surface mount world.

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