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Originally Posted by Chris D. View Post
man, I'm a dumbass...

...flew off like a styrofoam cup LOL ...Just shows ya how super light is it so far!
I know that feeling. I wasn't even driving when this happened:


Windy day and I left my attempt at a topper sitting on my truck, not fastened down, waiting for some geometry changes. Found it half a block away, caught by a street sign/bush. Too light for its own good.

And I can concur with 8307c4 on the downforce at highway speeds. As tight as I've gotten my shrinkwrap, it still deforms quite a bit. The geometry was incorrect on my last topper revision, so flow was not attached. This did, however, make for an interesting medium for flow visualization. I could see the deformation "bubble" as the airflow off my cab smashes down about 1 foot before my tailgate.

Has anyone else worked with films/sheeting like mine before? Am I better off to go back to my first design (polystyrene), and find a way to add a window?

First design:
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