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Topic: component spec's: This is a touchy area. If you buy a kit, the components are included. No problem. If you buy a PCB and a parts list, the exact part #'s should be purchased. Substitutions should not be made, except with the approval of the designer. After all, this site is "reliable". Resistors have a spec of "cl-cl"(clean lead to clean lead). They are conformal coated. The coating goes down the leads. This spec guarantees that you can solder this close to the body. The same is true of dipped film capacitors. BTW, dipped capacitors are the best buy for reliability vs. price. But they are not capable of high currents, as in a controller or P. supply ( in a high current location). There, Polypropylene caps are specified. This is true of electrolytics, also. Only some are rated for high ripple current. Potentiometers deserve special mention. Some are specified as being "sealed." But the fine print takes away what the header gives. They are sealed only for certain solvents, and for certain immersion times. Sealed pots usually cost more.

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