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My most current information is from my 89 Honda, although it's true of my wife's 98 Chrysler Town & Country.

I'm in Ca, so I don't typically see as cold a temperatures as most of you. However, on both vehicles I've run them with as complete a grill block as I could manage. In both cases, I had to add a opening about 2" by 4", only after monitoring the temperature going up a fairly lengthy uphill run, on the freeway. In both cases, it still took a couple of miles before the temperature started going up and it started at about 1/4 to 1/3, in regular driving.

On both cars, the radiator fan comes on at 1/3+, so that is a factor, as well. Based on this, I wouldn't be surprised by what your seeing. I was surprised that it stayed as low as it did and I was surprised that I could run with as little an opening as I did. I still am on my Honda, but I took it off of my wife's car.
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