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Topic: Newbie solderers vs skilled. Newbie solderers (NBS) don't know what wetting is, or, they cannot identify it as quickly as a highly experienced solderer (ES). A decision to remove the heat is made in an instant. One not sure keeps the heat on, to be sure. Poor wetting causes a weak joint that may crack under stress. Even NBS can guess at that. Well, if the PCB sits in a stereo cabinet, all well and good. Let him solder unreliably. The car doesn't crash. But if the PCB receives constant jarring, as being in a very light-weight electric car, a crack is more likely, and could result in who-knows-what output from the controller. (I'm selling fear)! So a skilled solderer can start using lead-free without any problems, or fear. To him I say: Absolutely go lead-free, since you know what your doing (looking for wetting)!
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