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Topic: Wetting:I assume my audience is building a controller. I just ordered a controller kit from Paul. 'Nuff said. I also assume that you have no or little experience in soldering, or, you don't want a BIG head-ache! There are other problems in soldering, but I don't want to scare you. A common problem is solder bridges, where you use too much solder because you really need more flux to be sure of wetting. This problem is greatly diminished by using a solder masked PCB, which are almost universal today. So it is likely you have automechanic experience, and that's why you're building an electric car. If you have welding experience, then you'll be happy to learn you already know Wetting! The puddle must melt into both surfaces to bond with them. Jfitzpat has accurately described how the iron is put on the joint, heated and then the solder flows in. You have to have the heat flow to both sides of the joint to cause LIQUID SOLDER to be in contact with all surfaces. These surfaces, that is, the PCB and the component lead have a coating that melts. This is those parts doing their job. Now you just add melted solder to fill in the gaps. BUT not stick up. It's a fillet weld! I think someone should be able to get useless PCB's to practice on. Maybe Paul, on request can ship NG PCB's. If I'm not speaking out of turn. The postage is a fair price.
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