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Actually it is possible to compress air using an "open" water/hydraulic system that is nearly 100% efficient, no different than using the ocean's pressure to compress air. Also the water/oil can be cycled and cooled taking advantage of environmental temperature.

Also temperature provides a unique opportunity to compress in cold hi pressure environments and use in lower pressure warmer environments.

I think compressed air cars could have a usage much the same as a short distance AC powered EV but likely at less cost.

Since we consider things like hydrogen, which are much more infrastructure intensive and also not efficient, I don't think this should be completely dismissed, just needs time to be developed like anything else.

And obviously its limitations must be acceptable to the person using the tech.

I remember an individual on AM550 radio that was running his dodge V8 off a compressed air system he developed and it was a hybred in that he could shut off all the valves and run as gas after the conversion.

He had a large tank in the bed that he filled at gas stations. He range was 25 miles at 25MPH.

Interesting fringe item, older guy if I remember, I have been trying to find him listed on the internet but couldn't find anything, the guys on the radio who drove with him thought it was dumb and ridiculed him, I would like to see how he did it and controlled it.

Another mention of using air has been on cave systems which almost always are blowing or sucking air, an ambient system could be used to take advantage of day to day variations in pressure to produce energy.

Interesting stuff but likely a long way off.

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