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The post by Paul on 2-18 about the military experience with lead-free, should be read by all. But the post aludes to an excellent compromise FOR US! the author said that adding 3% lead made good soldering. A second thing that might make inhibit the tin wiskers might be comformal coating.

Topic: conformal coating. This is a spray-on from an aerosol can (freon-free). All you do is bake the finished pcb board at about 180 degrees for 24 hours, to drive out the moisture-and any volatile compounds. There is (I was reliably told) moisture within the PCB that takes a while to leave. I'll check this out. Military electronics are coated. Commercial electronics must be coated when they are used near a body of salt-water. Only the thinnest coating you can spray on, is sufficient. In a car, you have dirty air and road salt. I would call it an absolute necessity to coat all pcb's in an electric car!!
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