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I started with a molded National motorcycle fairing for my Huffy 3spd, then tried adapting a snowmobile windshield to the drop handlebars of my touring bike. Both reduced drag but the side winds make fairings attached to the steering too unstable. The Mueller fairing is the best looking of the models currently on the market and does not have much side area. These are pricey compared with what can be made with other materials. Any fairing I build now attaches to the frame with U-bolts. My favorite material is hex mesh wire ( aka chicken wire) glued between 5 mil sheet plastic. I use aluminum angle for the main spar and nylon tubing for ribs. These are lightweight and inexpensive. A nose cone and tail box can improve cruising speed by 50 - 100 % at the same level of effort. I set my gearing to max out at 30 mph at 90 rpm. I bought a motorcycle helmet and may add a drawer roller to slide the back section out of the way to swing a leg over the seat.
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