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He did do a masterful job. However, I am beginning to worry a bit about some of these boattail contruction methods. The various sheet materials being used for lots of the boattails makes compound bends very difficult. In fact, many of the boattails are essentially without compount curves. That means that it is difficult to envision how one increases angle downstream.

It seems to me that a construction technique which used some type of foam with fiberglas skin would allow the basic shape to be formed with compound curves. Perhaps large strofoam blocks could be glued together in a rough shape, then the complex form could be achieved by planing down with some sort of file such as a sureform. Since strofoam is not tolerant of fiberglas resin, the foam would need to be sealed. I spoke with someone a while back who indicated that simply painting the strofoam before adding fiberglas was effective.

Just thinking out loud.
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