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magnetic covers for rear wheel skirts

Hi everyone. I am a new member. I am aeromodding my '87 Celica, 375K miles. So far, I have

1. smaller sideview mirrors (these are legally required-- I am using bicycle handlebar-plug type).
2. closed-off front high air intake
3. turbulator strips in front of my windshield wipers
4. Full vortex generators at the rear of the roof and sides of rear fenders-- I will not be crafting a Le Mans tail
5. 40 psi tires (down from 47 as I had developed a high spot in the passenger rear.

The Celica on its last tank got 28.5 mpg. I have achieved 39 mpg on a highway trip.

I have read many posts on the rear wheel covers that ecomodders have made, and considered how to do this. My question is-- has anyone tried magnetic covers? They would be easy to remove, and there are such coverings for signs that stay attached at highway speeds. I looked online yesterday and found that a 10 foot by 24 inch, .030 gage red would run about 50 bucks. Worth a try?

BTW I am an environmental science teacher and my students are into this idea!

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