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Originally Posted by chapper View Post
From CamLight (#3035) the FETs would be mounted on a bare (copper?) bus bar that would act as a heat spreader and also conduct the current out? And then the bus bar would be mounted to an electrically insulated heat sink to get rid of the heat?

Precisely! Sketch is on the way... probably tomorrow.
Looking forward to it.
Love the idea...combines the sink and bus bar very nicely. My only concern would be the very high thermal resistance between the FETs and the bus bar (without compound). But, with compound you wouldn't be able to conduct all that current. All depends on the amount of heat you need to remove though.

What case type were you considering for the FETs? If it was TO-220 you can have a bus bar on top of the tab and still mount the rear of the FET to a heat sink.

You'd probably need a LOT of TO-220's though.

John M.
CamLight Systems
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