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Golf cart based electric motorcycle build.

The Goal:
Build an electric motorcycle that can reach 60-65mph for under $1,500.
The Idea:
Use mostly off the shelf parts, using common used/recycled parts whenever possible.
A while back I was thinking about building an electric motorcycle and how the Etek motor is under powered and expensive, some people have used fork lift motors with alot of modifications to the motorcycle frame and the motor, I would use a forklift motor if I could find a standard motor because it seems like a common question people have is "can you build one for me?" if you use a weird motor that is uncommon then the 2nd electric motorcycle is going to require that you start fro scratch, I'm to lazy to do that, once I figure out how to build one I want to be able to make more!
I also don't want to have to cut the motorcycle frame or weld anything other then a battery rack that would bolt to the frame, the whole thing should all bolt together.
The Plan:
Use a golf cart motor, they have a female splined shaft and no end plate with support bearing, so they are hard to use for hobby projects as they are more or less incomplete once they are removed from the golf cart axle, but they are common motors and range in size from 2hp 36v motors up to 12hp 72 volts with some custom made motors out there as well, the advantage of them is that they are common, cheap when they are used, they last a long time and if the motor has the same number of splines it will bolt up (either 10 splines or 19 splines) so you can start with a cheap small motor and if you want to go all out and upgrade to a more powerful motor it's 4 bolts and 4 wires.

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