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Frank and Co -

Yeah, I have repeatedly heard that emotional responses are about 1000 times faster than rational thought. This was useful when we were hunter/gatherers, and needed to respond to imminent danger from predators. But nowadays, the dangers are not what they used to be. For example, consumption :

Emotions in purchase decisions - CopperWiki
Emotions in purchase decisions
With the array of similar products with similar features available in modern marketplace, reason alone is insufficient to determine trade-offs between alternative brands. Behind the values that consumers seek to enhance or maintain are past emotional experiences that shape their concerns. Emotions, thus, become crucial in purchase decisions.
Why should I be aware of this?
Everyone feels before they think; the non-rational emotional reaction comes before the more rational secondary one. The consumer finds out about the product’s features through reasoning. But without the involvement of emotion, consumers are unable to assign values to those features or alternatives. Consumer reasoning needs to be bolstered with emotion to assign values to available functional alternatives. Without the role of emotion consumers will be unable to make up their minds about which products to buy. Without emotion, consumers suffer from decision paralysis. When values attached to a product are unclear, indecision is the rule.
Successful marketing helps consumers identify with the brand by attaching the values and concerns of the target consumer. Reason compels the consumer to feel the need to buy a product; emotion determines which alternative is bought.
I think the key is self-awareness. I *know* that I respond emotionally and I try to temper it as needed. I like looking at used cars that I *know* will probably be money pits, but I don't care because I like their design for some reason. I research and research. Finally, someone else buys the car and the fever passes.


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