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EcoModding? In my dreams!!

Has anyone had ecomodding (or ecomodder) oriented dreams?

I would think that, with all the time I spend under or around the car, and all the time I spend reading and wondering about possible mods, I should dream about coasting for ages, or not being able to bump start, or whatever. But no, I haven't had any ecomodding dreams that I can remember, until very recently.

Two nights ago I dreamed that my car lost its front bellypan. This was part of larger dream, which was otherwise unrelated. The funny thing is that recently I haven't been thinking about bellypans, so this sort of sprung up from nowhere.

But last night was 100% EM: I dreamed that there was an EcoModder meet-up, somewhere in mid-USA (Wisconsin?). Of course, as in any dream, things were totally screwed up, like my station wagon was a convertable, MetroMPG was very young (teenager) and drove a white car, Daox drove a boattailed white Del Sol, etc. Lots of people which I didn't even know getting ready for the evening BBQ A part of the meet was a 'race' - driving along a certain route trying to get the best FE. So everybody is getting ready, fooling aroung with their cars, etc., when suddenly there is a loud beeping noise. Everyone stops and looks up, and only after 5-6 beeps do I realise that it's our alarm clock! That's when I woke up, laughing.
Not the first time that an alarm clock influenced a dream, I guess my mind prefers to pretend it's part of the dream than to wake up.

So does anyone else remember their ecomodding related dreams?

e·co·mod·ding: the art of turning vehicles into what they should be

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