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Suggestion: Instead of just cutting off or shorting the injectors, wire them up like a "true bypass" guitar effect pedal. DPDT toggle switch and some resistors that are the same Ohm rating as your current ones will work. I have mine set up to kill 2 out of 4 cylinders on my car.

Switch layout will be like this:

--1 --4
---2 ---5
--3 --6

2&5 are center taps. Rewire the injector (+) wire to these. Lets go with one side for now, then wire the second one up. Wire the (+) wire on say injector 3 to pin 2 on the DPDT switch. Run pin 1 back to where the cut wire left off. For pin 3, solder a resistor that matches the injector's Ohm rating in series and have that go into a T splice into the (-) injector lead. Repeat for side two, or hook do the same thing on a DPDT relay and have two of them, then have a momentary pushbutton switch to activate the relays. Viola!

That way the ECU won't freak out, although if you only shut off two cylinders, avoid high rpm. A: It shakes horribly, B: It WILL trip off the ECU, and the Check engine light is baaaad. And as far as I know, something like this should work on just about any Honda, although it'll need to be tweaked with for some I think. Should probably work on other vehicles too.
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