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Here are two variations on the same idea.

The upper drawing is a section through a controller much like Paul’s “Revolt” except that it now contains a structural/heat transfer member and an air channel above and around the MosFETs.

The lower drawing (The Off-Road Controller) shows the same configuration, but it’s held together with anodized aluminum clamps for true electrical isolation and equalized surface clamping forces. It avoids screw threads abrading their tapped holes and potentially contacting different voltages. (In the upper drawing, note the 3 screws holding the buss bars to the heatsink. What happens if…?)

Silver plate the buss bars and PCB with “Cool-Amp” Conducto-Lube Co.
Between the MosFETs, diodes and buss bars use an electrically and thermally conductive compound like “Conducto-Lube”. Conducto-Lube Co.
Between the circuit board copper and the buss bars, use an electrically conductive compound like “Conducto-Lube”
Between the buss bars, and the aluminum heatsink, use a thermally conductive compound like: Aavid “Ultra Stick”
All anodizing is Type III
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