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Frank -

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Carlos: perhaps I'm wired differently. Actually, I've felt that way all my life. It's like an outsider looking in. Like Spock.

I like to approach things rationally more than emotionally. Evidently that's unusual.

Heh, like your story about the used cars. I've been getting old and of questionable worthiness vehicles off Craig'slist lately. I guess it is a mix of logic/emotion: I evaluate what I can pre-purchase, mentally calculate how expensive parts will be, then gamble a bit and buy the P.O.S. with the feeling that I can handle it all and stay within/below budget.

But I wasn't thinking of any purchasing process when I started the thread. Although that's legit to discuss i.e. why choose an SUV or a Prius or whatever.
Ahhh, but you got the skillzzz to keep your cars running. It's a much bigger risk for me because I don't gots the skillzzz.

For example, I was practicaly stalking a used 2007 Saturn Ion with 23K miles on it. I determined that it would have all of the Chevy Cobalt GM Delta platform problems. It would have the steering problem, front control arm bushing problems, ignition switch problems, and other assorted issues. All of these seemed workable to me, with the only dangerous one being the steering issue. It was being sold by a dealer at private-party KBB price, so I figure the original owner panicked with the death of Saturn, traded for a Ford, and the dealer was unloading it. I Carfaxed it and it was clean as a whistle. If I were to buy one new, it was the exact model and features I would buy. On the emotional side, it was the first (of many last?) chances to get a white plastic-paneled car with suicide doors that was manufactured by UAW factory workers. It was used, so they weren't really benefiting, but I think you get the idea.

In terms of consumerism, I wasn't trying to go off topic, but it was the least politically charged example I could find that supports your hypothesis of human behavior.

I actually have a conscious consumerism stress relief mechanism. Sometimes when I've had a bad day, I go into a 99 cents store or a Big Lots and impulse shop. The idea is, even if I buy worthless junk, at least it's cheap medicine. I think it goes back to when I used to go to the Thrift store with my Mom.


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