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Re: ANWR: I had a "sorta" preconceived notion about it but not a real strong opinion one way or the other before I looked into it. So I looked into it.

I found the DOE data, which is SUPPOSED to be objective (guitarguy: the new administration hasn't come out with any refuting data have they???). I also found info from both pro and anti drilling organizations. tim: what else can one do? I presume geologists are supplying the most accurate estimates possible based on the state-of-the-art science. Is there a better option?

The bottom line is, one can take the lowest and the highest resource estimates from all rational sides and reasonably assume the truth to be somewhere in the middle (that's what I do for everything I come across that has much ambiguity. At least that gives me a range to work with). Still with me? When even the HIGHEST estimate is compared to U.S. usage, if the oil were to be accessable at the rate we use it (I know, it ain't gonna happen, but this is just for illustrative purposes OK?) it would be gone in about 2 1/2 years. Yes. 2.5 years. MAX. All other values were lower. The obvious conclusion is that this whole ANWR thing being any sort of energy supply solution is a joke. I'm pretty sure I didn't inject anything predetermined into that.

And yet, the monkeys vote against a fact-based presentation 3:1.

chuck: re: pop control: My stance on that is it's not critical enough yet to go around cutting nads off. HOWEVER, it is clear that government policies subsidize excess (i.e. resulting in growth) reproduction while it is painfully clear there is no human shortage. I want all financial incentives to excessively breed to be removed, and see what effect that has before going more extreme.

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