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Originally Posted by frodus View Post
Can the serial output be configured to "spit out" the controller measurements for current, voltage....etc?

Interested in being compatible with a serial based iphone interface? We want to support other controllers and products with our software.

Options right now are serial and ethernet, but canbus is forthcoming.
When the controller is started up, you send the command rtd-period #, where # is an interval setting in milliseconds.

The output string is a fixed format and it looks like :

TR=000 CR=000 CF=000 PW=000 HS=000 RT=0000 FB=00 BA=000 AH=000.0

Where you have:

TR = Controllers calculated throttle position. 0-511
CR = Controllers current reference based on throttle and other factors. 0-511
CF = Current feedback from LEM current sensor 0-511
PW = PWM duty cycle of controller 0-511
HS = Heat-sink Temp in raw ADC counts 0-1023
RT = Raw Throttle counts from the ADC 0-1023
FB = Fault Bits. Hex output with each fault and status code. Normal 00
BA = Calculated Battery amps 0-511
AH = Calculated Amp Hours consumed 0-999.9

The default output is through the serial port. 19200,8,N,1.

If you need some more info, feel free to email me directly.

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You can download RTD Explorer for the Cougar controllers at
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